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"White Swan Bar-B-Q & Fried Chicken had the best spot in the house if you came in to the main entrance of the battle.  The southern hospitality from the staff at the event and smiles as you approached them were spot on!  Their pulled pork with coleslaw was very good!  The pork was juicy, flavorful, and tangy from the coleslaw that’s placed neatly on top!  The twang from the coleslaw and the saltiness from the pork was a great combo."

-Fat Girl In Motion, Food Enthusiast and Blogger

White Swan BBQ Cocktail
"Best Dish in North Carolina” - MAY 11, 2007

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NC Restaurant Chain to Compete for Title of “Best Dish in North Carolina”

Four Oaks - White Swan BBQ has been named as a finalist in the 2nd annual Best Dish in North Carolina competition. The restaurant was named as a finalist in the Chain category, one of the three categories being judged in the competition.

The Best Dish in North Carolina competition, sponsored by Goodness Grows in North Carolina, is now in its second year of existence. The statewide competition determines who serves the best fare in North Carolina.

Be sure to visit White Swan BBQ and sample their featured dish so that you can give them your own taste test. 

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